Release Notes - April 9, 2014

We just released very basic but functioning sending and receiving of messages. For our alpha testers it is now possible to start using mailboxes regularly.

  • [SECURITY] Two step authorization login using SMS verification
  • [SECURITY] All sensitive data are encrypted including messages
  • [FEATURE] Recover easily from lost password or telephone
  • [FEATURE] When registering you can update telephone number and request verification code again
  • [FEATURE] You can edit your profile name, change your password and telephone
  • [FEATURE] Inbox folder
  • [FEATURE] Spam folder, displayed in sidebar only if not empty, can delete message forever, unmark as spam and move to inbox
  • [FEATURE] Compose new message, autosave after 3s of inactivity, attach files (or drag and drop)
  • [FEATURE] Drafts folder, displayed in sidebar only if not empty, continue editing a message
  • [FEATURE] Sent folder
  • [BUGFIX] Favicon doesn't work

We Launched Alpha!

Making a public promise is both motivating and torturing. Development accelerated; our laptops, PCs and smartphones never stopped beeping with new messages, comments, and to-do tickets. Last seven weeks were tough. Our engineers looked like sleepless zombies with only one thing on mind: MUST-FINISH-ALPHA.

They did.

Crucial question

Do you consider receiving and sending messages essential for a premium mail hosting?

I thought it was a joke.

It wasn't.

One week prior to the planned launch, this question was asked. In earnest.

I laughed. Desperately.

After one year of development, we had nothing.

Of course. There's a lot of invisible, background work. Inner part is as sophisticated as Swiss watch. But… we can't show this to our alpha testers. Or can we?

Yes. We can.

With a very uncomfortable feeling in my belly, I wrote a template with invitation codes for our alpha testers. I thought it would be the fastest fail ever.

I love being wrong.

Our amazing alpha testers proved to be the best testers ever. They understood the "limited" functionality and focused on the things which worked (and could work better). Registration process. SMS verification. Setting up the accounts. Thanks to them, we can make the user experience of WeLoveMail great from the very first steps.

It's like a new apartment

As I have written to the mail for our testers:

Imagine your new WeLoveMail account as a new apartment. It's clean, nice, and totally empty. No carpets on the floor, bed is missing, shower doesn't work. Guys from the moving company will come soon. But you have beautiful views from the window. :)

The product will be changing under your hands.

So… it's out. We launched alpha. And we get up every morning craving to work harder than ever.

Stay tuned

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3743 Reasons Why We Will Launch In 2013

Long time no see, huh? Well, mail is a serious business. Nobody wants to have their mail lost in the interwebs. So we took comfort of having a little bit more time to develop better, secure, and beautiful mail service.

We were so busy building WeLoveMail that we can hardly explain how we managed to collect 3743 mail addresses of wonderful guys interested in our product. (Okay, we suspect authors of The Future of Email Products, The future of email is mobile, and some more.) Anyway, we are honoured and willing to work even harder to deliver you WeLoveMail as soon as possible.

What is happening now

We work. We code, we design, we mail. Every day we ask few of our 3743 leads for their opinion and expectations. Getting up at 6 a.m., reviewing previous day’s work, group Skype call at 8 a.m., and developing WeLoveMail from 9 to 5 has become our daily routine. You’ll be happy to hear that – supported by gallons of sweet and delicious Touareg tea – we are approaching our first milestone: private alpha.

Translated to plain English: we will launch our private alpha on October 1st. This year.

And what about public beta?

First we must be sure that WeLoveMail won’t be pain in the… keyboard. After that, we can simplify your life.

By the way, your beta account will cost you a coffee or two a month. On the other hand, your new mail will be so beautiful, reliable, and easy to use, that you won’t need to calm your nerves by this excessive amount of caffeine. (And if so, our friendly support will make your day.)

Join the alpha-team

Do You Love Mail so much that you could get over some discomfort? Do you like discovering bugs, suggesting better features, and criticizing other people’s work? Mail and become our alpha tester! There are only 4 places left right now (no more places left, thank you all!).

Stay informed

If you haven’t done so yet, get your beta invitation on the WeLoveMail’s homepage. We’ll get back to you soon.

Progress Update

We are hard working on our first public release, a beta, if you like, and we made some important decisions along the way.

Start off will be with a web app only. Your messages will be accessible only through a web browser (Google Chrome specifically for now, others are not being tested). But don't worry, proper native desktop and mobile apps will soon follow.

WeLoveMail is not just a client but also a mail hosting solution. It means you need to have a domain to be able to use our service. It will not be possible to connect free mailboxes from Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc. even though it has been under a lot of consideration and it might be developed in the future, just not in this beta. We want to make mail management as seamless as possible for every freelancer, startup and organization on their own domains.

It's not been easy to come to these conclusions but rest assured we'll make it the best experience for you in managing your daily mail.

We will start sending out first invitations for our beta in March, so sit tight!

What Is This About

So you sent a mail that never reached its destination. Do you have any idea why? Was it marked as spam, typo in the address or simply a technical issue?

We didn't know either. What we knew is that this has to evolve. And since our team has all the abilities to make the future of mail much more comfortable, we are working our asses off to make it happen. We'll help you to deliver and manage your mail as never thought of before. Although we can't help you to stop procrastinating over a full inbox...


WeLoveMail is an online service similar to Google Apps Mail. Premium mail hosting for everyone. You point your own domain to us, create mailboxes and login to check and send messages through our interface.


Let's take a look over all the issues you may be experiencing right now:

All of this is unacceptable for any mailbox important enough to communicate with customers, colleagues, professors or just your closest.

Our Way

Those issues are history with WeLoveMail. We've got you covered. Get invitation for early access on our homepage and prepare to love your mail as much as we do!

Usage Examples

Extremely great for any startupists out there. Having lots of domains and sending vitaly important messages? That's the burden we yearn for.

As a freelancer you are sending and receiving business related messages every day. It's your livelyhood in jeopardy if you start losing them. We want to work with you to make sure it won't happen.

Your small business will make more money just by getting into customers' inboxes, knowing what the employees are doing and how effectively they communicate.

Do you use the mail in any way? WeLoveMail is just perfect fit for you!

Current Progress

Beta version is under heavy development and estimated to be ready for public testing in December 2012. Get your invitation reserved as soon as possible to peek among first.