About Us

Dear customer,

I've founded a webhosting company with my friends to primarily focus on websites in 2009 after many years of working as a developer. Email hosting was an additional feature offered as it still usually is.

We couldn't grasp how hard it is to run an email server in a standard way. We've had a tough time running it. Worse, a lot of people were complaining to us about their email accessibility and deliverability in the support tickets. Even though we were doing everything by the books.

Another impulse was from a local business of 15 people. They weren't able to setup their emails correctly and asked us to help. It was impossible to explain to a non-technical worker how to setup IMAP and SMTP in their email client and then regenerate a password in a different interface. It all took an unnecessary amount of time and an actual visit on location. So we told ourselves, there had to be a a better way.

On October 1, 2012 we began to work on WeLoveMail with simplicity and logic in mind. Combining email server and email client together and abandoning the idea of having login credentials per mailbox. Immediately we started gaining people's attention and now we are finishing the private release, ready to invite more people in.

Throughout the years, I saw many to try improve on email with mixed results. Successful attempts regularly end up acquired and shut down. I feel this is so important to exist, that it's worth risking everything for.

Founder & CEO of WeLoveMail