Email hosting for your own domains.

Join 5,745 entrepreneurs & freelancers already on the waiting list.


Bundled with a beautiful web-based email client.

Unleash the passion in your projects.

We have a vision on how email should work for you—bringing conversation upfront.
Don’t struggle with the technical stuff.

What do you get?

WeLoveMail Profile

One Login

Log in once to your WeLoveMail account, get to all mailboxes instantly.

Mailbox Sharing

Mailbox Sharing

Mailboxes don’t have passwords. You choose who can use them via their own WeLoveMail account.

Tracking Sent Emails

Tracking Sent Emails

Are you sure your last sent email was delivered? We make you know!

Attachments View

Attachments View

All files you’ve received in one place.

We are your postmaster.

At WeLoveMail we make email work seamlessly for creatives like you.

What’s the deal?

hddPay for storage.

Everything else is included. See pricing for details.

globeHost unlimited domains.

We know you need many domains for your projects.

inboxCreate unlimited mailboxes.

Stay organized with as many mailboxes as you want.

usersGive them to unlimited users.

Have your team with you. Their WeLoveMail accounts to use mailboxes on your domains are free.

How are we different?

WeLoveMail offers entrepreneurs & freelancers an alternative to the traditional email hosting. It’s intuitive and logical to live with. How did we achieve this?

We’ve combined email server and client together into one premium product. Where you don’t have to worry about how to setup anything to work. With a killer pricing model. Product, that does the only thing it’s supposed to—emails.

We did this because we hated how email used to work and finally WeLoveMail. You can too. Get invited.

Where are we at?

At this point the product is under development and invitation only. But we already have basic functionality ready and we are letting first customers in to try.